The town Benešov is located nearly 40 kilometres southeast from Prague, in the region between the river Sázava and misterious hill Blaník.  The explication about the oldest local settlement is based on speculations, not on exact historical dates. In this context, these dates are shown: 1038 (Vincenc Horáček) and 1048 (Antonín N. Vlasák).

The oldest still existing building in Benešov is St. Nicola’s church in Karlov standing on the highest place of the peak, above the stream of Benešov. It was constructed in the style of late gothic in the second part of 13th century and in third quarter of 14th century it was completed by a new presbytery. After big fire in 1420, this church was reconstructed into renaissance style in 1583 and the other large reconstruction into baroque style was realised at the end of 17th century.

Due to this convenient location, the industry has been developing here since 20th century. The most important industrial companies are engineering company BAEST, Brewery Ferdinand, creamery Danone and advertising agency Quo. The developed business network is completed by a rich offer of catering and accommodation services.