Blansko lies in the north of the South Moravian Region in the valley of the River Svitava on the boundary between the Drahany Highlands and the Highlands of Bohemia and Moravia around 30 km north of Brno.

Blansko was mentioned for the first time as a castle in 1136, while a town began to develop near it by 1277. After 1766 it belonged to the Salm family, which patronized many artisans and scientists, including Josef Dobrovský.

Blansko is rightly known as a town of culture and sport. There are a number of sports clubs in the town and excellent facilities for all kinds of sport for amateurs and professionals alike.  Those looking for culture will also find what they are after in Blansko. A number of interesting cultural and social events are held here during the course of the year. The town’s traditional events include a Historical Fair, Witch Burning, the series of concerts known as Music at Blansko Chateau, the Illumination of the Christmas Tree and New Year’s Fireworks. The most prestigious event in the town is November’s Welcoming of Saint Martin which attracts thousands of visitors every year.