Bohumín is a town in Karviná District, Moravian-Silesian Region on the border with Poland. The confluence of the Oder (Odra)and Olza rivers is situated just north of the town.

Bohumín has had an important strategic location since its foundation. The town has kept this importance to the present. As early as in the 12th century Bohumín was the crossing of important trade ways. The Salt Trail led from Moravia to Krakow and the Amber Trail led from Hungary to Teąín and further to the Baltic Sea. The way from Prague to Krakow also used to lead through this place. The settlement was established at the busy location which was suitable for crossing over the river.

The town was integrated to the present form in 1974. Bohumín forms the industrial area of the region together with Ostrava and other towns. Several leading companies operate in this area, which employ the majority of economically active inhabitants not only from Bohumín but also from its vicinity.