Čelákovice is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located on the Labe river, 25 kilometers from Prague. The population is about 11,000. The town is part of the Prague metropolitan area.

The site of the town has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The first written record comes from year 1290. A fortress and a church building were built there. The fortress, reconstructed between 1973-82 in the Gothic-Renaissance style, serves as a municipal museum today. In 1910 the engineering factory known as TOS (Továrna Obráběcích Strojů) was founded, becoming and remaining the largest industrial plant of the town.

The city is linked by his birth and life of many personalities. Matěj Červenka – bishop of Brethren unity, born 1521. Jan Zach – composer, born 1699. Josef Vojtech Sedlacek – philosopher, writer, born 1785. Josef Jiří Stankovský – writer, born 1844. Čeněk Janda – painter, born 1908. Alois Vašátko – Commander Fighter Group in England, b. 1908.