Česká Třebová

Česká Třebová is a city in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. The city is located in the east of the Czech Republic. It is the fourth most populated city and second largest in the Pardubice Region.

The city of Ceska Trebava is divided into 6 cadastral areas: Česká Třebová, Kozlov, Lhotka, Parník, Skuhrov and Svinná.

Česká Třebová was founded in the 13th century by king’s locator lord Oldřich of Drnholec. In this time the Roman church of St. Catherine was built. In 1304, the King of Bohemia Wenceslaus II gave it to the Zbraslav Abbey, but in the 14th century the town belonged to the bishops of Litomyšl. In the 15th and 16th centuries the town prospered, but after the Thirty Years‘ War it was poor and insignificant. In the 19th century there was a railway station, which greatly aided the city development.

The city’s coat of arms has a really interesting legend. Legend says that scribe of the city lost the city signet and because of that he was sentenced to execution. Before the execution started his wife saw that rooster dug out the city signet. She brought the signet and saved her husbands live.

Sport is one of the most important activity in a whole city. There are approximately 33 sport clubs with at least 2000 sportsmen. Variety of sports in Ceska Trebova is is unlimited. You can find here classic sports like football(soccer), basketball, hockey etc,which you can find almost everywhere, but also lot of other sports which are sometimes not so ordinary like florball, sports gymnastics, weight lifting, skiing etc. Ceska Trebova has a great basement for starting with some sport at professional level. In Ceska Trebova was born lot of greatest czech representatives, which participate in competition in important world events.

Among the sport clubs in Česká Třebová you can find representatives of traditional sports, like football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, basketball…but you can also encounter penetration of new sports, like petanque, hockey ball, florball. Some sport clubs use the beautiful surroundings of Česká Třebová (cycling, orienteering, skiing, tourism KCT, running club Iscarex), while other sport clubs need halls and gyms (sports gymnastics, bowling, swimming).