Domažlice is a town in the Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic. Domažlice is the capital of the region Chodsko. The people of the Chodsko are the descendants of an old Slavic race that had settled themselves in the region and were hired for guarding the border with Bavaria. The inheritance of the old Slavic race is still found in the, on festivities still worn folkloric costume, the dialect (but probably when you are not a native speaking Czech you won’t notice the difference from regular Czech.

Domažlice was first recorded as a town in 1231. Přemysl Otakar II of Bohemia ordered the city to be fortified for the purpose of protecting the border with Bavaria. It would remain fortified from 1262 to 1265. Border guards were recruited from the Chodové (Slavic free farmers) who settled in the vicinity of Domažlice.

Thanks to the precious historic architecture the whole city of Domažlice has a protected status. The city has a long drawn out market square. At this market square are many houses with the typical Bohemian arcades, a tower and two city gates. The most impressive buildings are the Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, the Augustine monastery and the St. Mary Ascension Church. Only the tower has remained of the previous castle Chodsko. The tower is now used as a museum.

The annual highlight is a 2 days festival in August which draws thousands of visitors to the city. The folk history museum has an interesting folkloric collection.