Historically, the Czech Republic was composed of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Great Moriavian Empire, both part of the the Holy Roman Empire (800-1806). The first Czech kings were of the Premyslid dynasty, with Otakar I. being awarded the hereditary title in 1198. Perhaps most noteworthy is one of his successors, Premysl Ottokar II, who through his loss at the Battle of the Marchfeld allowed for the steady rise of the Habsburgs. Otherwise Austria might have ended up as a part of the Bohemian lands. Even the Czechs held the future of the world in their hands, for a time.

The royal line ended with the death of Vaclav III. the King of Bohemia, Poland and Hungary. The Czech kingship continued through the Luxembourgs, when John the Blind married the remaining Premyslid princess. The Habsburgs later capitalised on their relation to the then extinct Premyslid dynasty and claimed the Bohemian crown from 1620, when the last Protestant forces were defeated in the Battle of the White Mountain, until 1918.

Present time
Czech republic is a landlocked Central European country. It is a member of European Union since 2004 and member of the Schengen area since 2007. Its neighbors are Slovakia, to the east, Poland to the north, Austria to the south and Germany to the west. The Czech territory consist mosthly plains and hills.

The Czech Republic is the second richest Eastern European country after tiny Slovenia. The GDP per capita (PPP) of Czech people is is similar to that of Portuguese or Greek people.

Current and third President of the Czech republic is since 8 March 2013 Milos Zeman, born in 28 September 1944. Milos Zeman served from 1998 to 2002 as Prime minister of the Czech republic, he leads Czech Scoeial Democratic party during nineties.

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