Hlučín is a town in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic. It is the center of the Hlučín Region.  The local name “Hlučín” originates in the Slavic word “hlučí“, derived from Old Czech “huleti“ – gain.

It was founded “greenfield” in 1256 by the Czech king, Premysl Otakar II. Picturesque scenery of the surrounding nature together with cultural landmarks highlights its touristic significance in the region. Its location in connecting line between Ostrava and Opava, and close to the state boarders is a guarantee of easy communication with both, its surrounding regions and the neighbouring countries, especially with Poland and Slovakia.

Music composers Pavel Vejvanovský (1640 – 1693) and Paul Blaschke (1885 – 1969), journalist Johanes Meier – Hultschin (1901 – 1958), and painter Jan Bochenek (1831 – 1903) were born in Hlučín and many other personages spent here part of their life.