Hodonín is a town on the River Morava in the southeast of Moravia. It lies in the South Moravian Region. Hodonín was first mentioned in 1046. In 1228 it became a town.

The historic centre is Masaryk square with the baroque church of Saint Lawrence and Town Hall in the style of Nuremberg Art Nouveau with a restaurant a lookout tower which is open for public during the Saint Lawrence festivities in August. In the manor there is Masaryk Museum with a unique exhibition devoted to the most famous Hodonín native, T. G. Masaryk, the founder of the Czechoslovak state and its first president.

The cultural heritage villa from 1911-1913, the architectural style of which mixes the folk architecture elements and Art Nouveau, houses Art Gallery with a permanent exhibition of Czech art and sculpture in the 20th century. The visitors of the spa town can also visit a Jewish cemetery adapted to a park or a unique Museum of oil rigging and geology (the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.

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