Holešov is a town in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic. The town is located on the western hillside of the Hostýn Hills – the westernmost part of the Carpathian Mountains.

Holešov lies at the intersection of Hana and Wallachia. It is called. Authorized municipalities grade III and not only administrative, but also industrial and social center of mikroregion Holešovsko. The earliest mention of Holešov dates from 1141. The town is featured in the second half of the 13th century, the city became in the 14th century.

Since 1848 the town was officially divided into two parts: the larger Christian town Holešov and in the area of former Jewish ghetto was the smaller Jewish municipality of the same name (Holešov), which had its own administration and contained almost one third of the town inhabitants. It was only after 1918 when the town was united under one administration. In 1960 the district Holešov was dissolved and Holešov became ordinary town without any administrative importance.