Hranice is a town in Moravia, the eastern Czech Republic. It is often called Hranice na Moravě  to distinguish it from another town called Hranice in Bohemia. The town of Hranice lies in the Moravian Gate Valley mainly on the right side of the river Bečva, about 260 m above sea level.

The area of today’s urban core of Hranice was provably already inhabited in the 12th century. The medieval settlement was established as a natural border outpost on the edge of the border forest between Moravia and Silesia – away from the city to the north has been found difficult permeable forests. Hence the name of the current city – Hranice (Border).

Hranice belongs to the towns with a very interesting environment. The town was founded in the raised field country between the streams Ludina and Velička. This is also the fact, why the town dominates in all surroundings. Hranice is an important communicative point of junction. There is a main network of motorways and railways going from Přerov to Ostrava with an important branchline to Valašské Meziříčí, Beskydy, Vsetín and to Slovakia. The neighbourhood of Teplice nad Bečvou Spa is very important for public position of the town.