Jaroměř is a town in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic. It is located 15 kilometers northeast of the district town of Hradec Králové. The town lies at the confluence of three rivers, notably the Metuje and the Elbe.

The town Jaromer is one of the oldest Czech towns. Today the historical centre has been habituated for over a thousand years. At the beginning of the11th century duke Jaromir built a fort here and gave the town name Jaromer. The oldest written message about Jaroměř was written in 1126. The first written document about the existence of the town is from 1298. Declaration from the year 1307 was confirmed city rights. Since this time Jaromer belongs to the towns Czech Queen.

The most important historic sight of Jaroměř is the gothic church of Saint Nicolaus with the abundantly decorated main altar. Only one city entrance with the bell tower has remained preserved from the medieval times fortifications. The column dedicated to the Virgin Mary from the years 1723-1727 dominates the historical square with the arcade.

Each summer, the city (or specifically the nearby Fortress Josefov) hosts Brutal Assault, the biggest Central European extreme metal music festival. Over 10.000 metalheads from all over Europe flood the city streets for three days each year.