Jihlava is a center of the Vysočina Region, situated on the Jihlava river on the historical border between Moravia and Bohemia and it is the oldest mining town in the Czech Republic, approximately 50 years older than Kutná Hora. In Jihlava you can find a lot of sights. For example catacombs. Total area of catacombs is 50,000 square meters and a length of approximately 25 km, making it the second largest underground labyrinth in the Czech Republic. Passages are cut in the rock beneath the entire city in two to three floors below him at a depth of 2-14 meters. Practical construction began in the 14th century when the townsfolk started in a large extend their cellars. The excavation carried out by local experienced miners. Deeper spaces carved in later times (16th-17th century). During World War II served part corridors as a bomb shelter. Today, most professionally reinforced tunnels and it is mostly accessible for public.

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