Kadaň is a city in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. The city lies on the banks of the river Ohře.

The Ohře played a pivotal role in the process of settlement. Archeological findings show that people first settled here in the very distant past, about 16 000 years ago. In the fourth century BC, Celtic tribes arrived, bringing with them the La Téne culture. Legend has it that it was the Celts who founded the first settlement in the local basin, under the name ¨Kad An¨ or,, blazing fire¨. The first Slavs came into the Poohří area in the sixth century AD.

Before 1989 some parts of the historical centre were intended to be replaced by modern housing. Fortunately the Velvet Revolution changed the trend of development in the town and brought about a change in attitudes towards the cultural values of the past. The historical heart of Kadaň began to be repaired and after 15 years it has become a pearl of the region. There is now a new site on the bank of the Ohře River being planned and projected- Maxipes Fík Embankment with a lot of attractions both for children and adults. The town has been turning to be a tourist centre of the predominantly industrial region. The only drawback for tourism is the lack of a higher-capacity hotel in the town.