Krupka is a town in the north-western part of the Czech Republic, in the Ústí nad Labem Region. There are 11 town parts in Krupka: Krupka, Bohosudov, Unčín, Maršov, Nové Modlany, Vrchoslav, Soběchleby, Horní Krupka, Habartice, Fojtovice and Mohelnice.

The fake thought is that the name of this town is derived from the mining of pewter (in Czech „krupky cínu“) that was mined there. The name Krupka was created from Old-Czech word „krupý“ which means something like large. In connection with the mining, there was created a so-called: “Příhraniční naučná stezka” – educational pathway leading from the Czech side to the German one and back and showing some important as well as beautiful locations.

The Czechs are the majority, but Krupka is a little cosmopolitan town. Some minorities live there as signs of last regimes or political situations.