Kuřim is a town in the district of Brno-countryside in a South Moravian Region and it is situated 14 kilometers north-west of Brno and about 5 kilometers nearby dam Brněnská přehrada.  Nowdays the city has almost 11 000 inhabitants.

The first written mention about a town was in 1226 when Přemysl Otakar I. (Ottokar I. of Bohemia) issued a charter about paying of tithes to church of saint Peter and Pavel. It is expected that city was founded in 12th century during Premyslian colonization.

The city has only four monuments. First most known is church of saint Mary Magdalene founded in 1226. Then you can find here a castle from 14 century which belongs to cultural heritage of Czech republic, water chapel of John of Nepomuk and statue of saint Florian.