Litoměřice  is a town at the junction of the rivers Elbe (Labe) and Ohře in the north part of the Czech Republic, approximately 64 km (40 mi) northwest of Prague.

Litoměřice belongs among the oldest Czech cities. Establishment of the city but preceded by the existence of an early medieval Premyslide administrative castle and its agglomeration. This fort was found on Domský hill southeast of the core of the medieval city. It was divided into the castle and bailey, part of which was around 1057 reserved for the Chapter at the church st. Stephen in the place where now is the baroque Cathedral st. Stephen.

There are numerous cellars connected by an extensive web of underground ways under the town. In some places the cellars were built in three floors. The ways are about three kilometers (1.9 miles) long and they belong to one of the longest in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, only 336 metres (1,102 feet) of these underground ways are open to the public.