Mladá Boleslav

Mladá Boleslav is a city in the Central Bohemian Region on the left bank of the Jizera river. Founded in the second half of the 10th century by King Boleslav II as a royalcastle. Because there already was a castle known as Boleslav near Prague, this new castle was named Mladá (young) to distinguish it from the older Boleslav.

The biggest boom began with the development of the industry. In the 18th and especially the 19th century originated in Mlada Boleslav many factories, most of them located on the banks of the Jizera. For example some of the developed companys was focused at distilleries, breweries, textile factory or a sugar refinery and also one special factory which later began to deal with the production of automobiles. And this special factory was world wide known Škoda.