Moravská Třebová

Moravská Třebová s a town in the Svitavy District and lies in the Pardubice Region, Czech Republic and it is located on the Třebůvka River. It has around 11,300 inhabitants.

Moravská Třebová was founded around 1257 by Boreš fom Rýzmburk as typical colonization town. The biggest boom for Moravská Třebová during the rule of the Lords of Boskovic and Ladislav Velen of Žerotín (1486-1622), when the city was the center of humanistic scholarship and earned the nickname Moravian Athens.

Part of the town of Moravská Třebová are the incorporated villages of Boršov (Porstendorf), Sušise (Tschuschitz) and Udánky (Undangs).