Náchod is a town in the Czech Republic, in the Hradec Králové Region. Náchod lies in the valley of the river Metuje, in northern parts of the upland Podorlická pahorkatina. The town has a castle, and a brewery which until 2009 was owned by the town itself.

Náchod was founded in the 14th century by knight Hron of Načeradice, who founded a castle on a strategical place, where local trade road reaches the defile called Branka. The first written note dates back to 1254. Until 1918, Náchod was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867), head of the district with the same name, one of the 94 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in Bohemia.

Náchod is also the birthplace of Czech writer and publisher in exile Josef Škvorecký, born 1924, dramatist and satirist Vratislav Blažek, who lived in time from 1925 till 1973. Also some novels written by Alois jirásek are related to Náchod. There is a regional museum and Gallery of visual arts here.