Orlová is a town in the Karviná District,Moravian-Silesian Region. It lies in the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia (Těšínsko). The first mention of the Orlová from the year 1223, the charter of the Wroclaw bishop Lawrence. The settlement had formed the core of the site called Sal (salt) and belonged to the Benedictine monastery.

After the war it was restored to Czechoslovakia. In 1946 the villages of Lazy , Poruba and Horní Lutyně were administratively joined to the town. Widespread coal mining, especially during the communist era, had a devastating impact on the town, its buildings and architecture, especially in Lazy. Many buildings in Orlová were demolished, including the Polish grammar schoolbuilt in 1909. The architectural character of the town was completely changed.

After November 1989, was a landmark when it leaves the mining, moving to light industry and services.