Otrokovice is a town in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic. It is located in a hilly country town centrally located in a region called Moravia and is located on the Morava river.

Otrokovice is modern industrial headquarter, its development was founded in the thirties of the 20th century by construction of the Bata factories. Currently, the city Otrokovice with almost 19 thousand inhabitants is sixth largest city in the Zlín Region and is the center of micro-region covering municipalities with a total population of nearly 35,000 inhabitants. Its location on the major road and rail routes makes Otrokovice gateway to Zlín Region.

Today it still has a clearly industrial look, though many of the more run down areas are being steadily improved. Otrokovitce and Zlin have expanded so that there is only 1km between the built up areas.