Poděbrady is a historical spa town in the Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic. It lies on the river Labe 50 kilometres (31 mi) east of Prague. An ancient community and a small fortress originated near the ford. It is most likely that the position of this community is reflected in the present name of the town: Poděbrady – „pode brody“ = below the ford.

It boasts a rich history, which reaches back to the depths of the Middle Ages. Apart from reminders of its most famous era – the rule of king George of Poděbrady – in the town itself or its immediate surroundings you can find traces of the famous Slavnik Dynasty, King Ottokar II of Bohemia, or empress Maria Theresa.

The health resort park, which was progressively built in several stages and is located in the very center of the town, is now deservedly the pride of Poděbrady and is admired by hundreds of health resort guests and visitors to the town. Poděbrady is also a synonym for the beautiful countryside of the Polabí lowlands, which was made for tourist outings and cycling trips. The ride along the well-maintained cycle paths around the town, either cycling or skating, attracts more and more visitors each year from all age groups. Visitors on foot will no doubt be pleased by the relaxing walks through the riparian forest along the river Elbe.