Prachatice is a town in the South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic. Prachatice lies at an altitude of 569 meters. The city is, thanks to several historical buildings, under historical protection.

The town of Prachatice has its origins in the 11th century, following the beginning of trade on the Golden Path (an important salt trade route beginning in Passau, Bavaria). The property on which the town now stands was initially part of the domain of Vyšehrad (fort in Prague) and first came to prominence when the domain’s provost purchased the right to impose a toll on traffic on the Golden Path. The settlement later grew in importance when, in the 13th century, it was granted the right to store the salt that was traded on the Golden Path. This privilege made Prachatice the only town in Southern Bohemia that could buy the salt that was sent out of Passau.

Of the historic center of the city a part of the city wall and the gate Dolní Brána were preserved. Especially the market square of Prachatice is worth a visit. The surrounding buildings are mostly beautifully decorated with frescos and graffitos from the 16th.

In the environment of Prachatice are 2 natural reserves and the 6,5 Ha. glacier lake Plesné Jezero, at the foot of the mountain Třistoličník (1320 m).