Přelouč is one of the oldest historically documented places in the region. In his city seal has Přelouč a black grate in a golden box, which is an attribute sv. Lawrence, patron Opatovicky monastery, which was build in 1086 by King Vratislav from his money. To this year also applies to the first written mention of a settlement with a hop field. Since then, the importance Přelouče significantly changed. On 8 September 1261 the original settlement was promoted to city status by Premysl Otakar II. and was granted Magdeburg law court lawAmong its holder has, for example, and George of Poděbrad. Even in the 13th century, the city became an important strategic transit point on the River Elbe ford at the junction of Hradec Králové and Kutna Hora. In 1421, Přelouč was supposedly captured and destroyed by the Catholic army Jan Městecký of Opočno.

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