Příbram is located on the Litavka river and the foothills of the Brdy Range. The city is well known for its mining history and more recently its new venture into economic restructuring.

Příbrams economy was determined by the mining industry and supplying companies for hundreds of years. At the end of the 1980s, when the mining was slowly derogating, the basic Příbram corporations included the Uranium Mines , the Ore Mines  and suppliers like ZRUP (Czech: Základna rozvoje uranového průmyslu English: Base of Uranium Industry Development) and others.

Today the town is no longer a mining town. However, there remains a place of pilgrimage and a memorial to the rich mining traditions. It becomes a center of scientific research on the history of the uranium industry and the history of the third, the anti-communist resistance. Begins judiciously benefit from its remarkable history and present options that may provide a safe and cultural home of their inhabitants and interesting and pleasant impressions to its visitors.