Říčany is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. In 2006 it had almost 17,500 inhabitants. It is located 20 km from the center of Prague and the town is part of the Prague metropolitan area. The villages Jažlovice, Krabošice, Kuří, Pacov, Radošovice, Strašín and Voděrádky are administrative parts of Říčany.

The first documents about the town date back to the year 1289. In the Middle Ages there was a large castle in Říčany, but during the Hussite Wars it was occupied and burnt out, and during the Thirty Years‘ War it was destroyed

The ruins of the old Říčany castle, dating back to the period of the last Přemyslid dynasty, are an architectural sight that one should not miss. Later the castle was occupied by the Husites. In the town square we find the Church of St. Peter and Paul. The square was laid out in early Gothic style, and for this reason it is a listed area. The chapel is decorated by frescoes from around the year 1400. Not far from here we find the Marian Column built in 1699.

There is a local museum and theatrical performances are provided by the Tyl Theatre Company and other local groups. Regular concerts of renowned Czech musicians are organized by the “Friends of Music” society. Masaryk Square from spring on is a place of alternative attractions and celebrations.

The town doesn’t lack in sporting activities, the leading sport being rugby.