Rokycany is a town in the Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic. The town of Rokycany lies in a hollow, at the confluence of a small river called Klabava and the Holoubkovský and Rakovský streams. The town is surrounded by the forest hills of Čilina, Kotel, Žďár and Vršíček. One advantage of the town is its location on the main railway and highway connecting Prague with Pilsen.

The place was inhabited since Stone Age. Celtic and early Slavic settlements were discovered. Rokycany was first mentioned in 1110. Major changes occurred in the 14th century when the village grew into a town, and a new western part of the settlement with rectangular grid was added. In the 14th century, the main church rebuilt in Gothic style and by 1399 system of town fortification is mentioned. Rokycany took an active role in Hussite movement.

At present, the town has a population of over 14 thousand inhabitants. Traditional factories such as Marila, Hamiro and Favorit have been replaced by brand new plants, oriented mainly toward the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the town is very well kept and attracts not only locals but also tourists, since its town center is a protected memorial, and it offers places for sports and a popular town swimming pool. Two local museums are also worth visiting. In the town center you can find the Museum of Dr. B. Horák with its exposition of regional history and paleontology. In the surrounding area, there is a military museum on the demarcation line with period automobiles, heavy military equipment and army harnesses from the WW II era.