Slaný is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, located about 25 km northwest ofPrague. The town is part of the Prague metropolitan area.The town is situated in the Slaný Plain (the northwestern part of a geomorphologic whole called the Prague Plain). A creek called Červený potok (Red creek) flows through it from the southwest to the northeast. Its dominant feature is Slaný Hill.

In the early 14th century, King Wenceslas II granted royal town privileges to Slaný. Earlier on there was a market settlement overlooked by the Church of St Gothard. The town derived its name from the salt spring which has its source below Slánská hora (salt hill). While in the reign of Charles IV Slaný obtained a host of privileges, the Renaissance period has contributed several stately residences to the town, including the Modletický Mansion and Ungelt. Deprived of its royal town status under the Habsburg monarchs, Slaný became a tributary town.

The villages of Dolín, Želevčice, Lotouš, Blahotice, Netovice, Kvíc, Kvíček, Trpoměchy and Otruby are all administrative parts of Slaný.The town of Slaný is situated at the crossing of the Prague – Louny, Prague – Karlovy Vary roads. The Prague – Most railway also goes through the town.