Sokolov  is a town in the Karlovy Vary Region, located to the northeast of Cheb. Sokolov is a natural center of the region – a town situated on the confluence of the Ohře and Svatava Rivers with the Lobezský Creek.

The legend tells that the town of Sokolov has been founded by Sebastian the Knight who has lost his way and came to this region on his return from the crusade to the Holy Land. Allegedly he used to train his hunting falcons here. The noblemen from the nearby estate of Loket sought him for this skill. Local settlers honored him for his healing knowledge and so they were settling near his castle.

In 1880 the last hop-garden disappeared and the town remained purely industrial. And industry remained to these days the means of subsistence for local citizens; nevertheless this purely industrial town becomes a place suitable for relaxation and holidaymaking. The town surroundings, in the past so devastated by the mining activities, today offer unique natural scenery so rare in Europe. The Sokolov region belongs to regions with higher percentage of forestland.