Šternberk is a town in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic.

It was first mentioned as castrum (castle) Sternberch in 1269 and as civitas (town) Sternberch in 1296.

From 1645 until 1650, during and immediately after the Thirty Years‘ War, the town was held by Sweden. In 1741 it was captured by Prussia.

Austrian KK 10 kreuzer, cancelled Sternberg in 1882

Until 1918, Sternberg in Mähren (simply Sternberg until the end of the 19th century) was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after thecompromise of 1867), head of the district with the same name, one of the 34 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in Moravia.

In 1938, after the Munich Agreement, it was occupied by the Nazi army as one of the municipalities in Sudetenland, one of the 2 towns ofLandkreis Sternberg. The German speaking population was expelled in 1945 (see the Beneš decrees) and replaced by Czech settlers. In Czech, the town is known as Šternberk.