Studénka is a town in Nový Jičín District of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Approximately 20 km (12 miles) southwest of Ostrava and 20 km northeast of Nový Jičín, Studénka is situated in a lowland area in the North of the Moravian Gate, a geomorphological feature in the Czech Republic’s Moravian region and a natural pass between the Sudetes in the west and the Carpathian Mountains in the west.

The youngest town in the Nový Jičín District, the Town of Studénka was established as a single town in 1959 when Butovice and Studénka were joined together. The first written mention of Studénka dates to the year 1436 (unconfirmed 1412); however, the community is likely to have existed before.

Studénka’s most prominent native was František Tomášek (1899-1992), a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the 34th Archbishop of Prague, who was made an honorary citizen of Studénka in 1990. Three years later, a commemorative plaque was unveiled at the local school, his birthplace. Other notable natives include builder and contractor Matyáš Reinscher and patriotic priest Jan Böhm.