Šumperk  is a town and district in the Olomouc Region. It is called „The Gate to Jeseníky mountains.“ The city was practically still in pledge the foremost Czech and Moravian noble families. Its prosperity apparently secured the occurrence of precious metals in the area.

Šumperk was significant center of textile industry during Austria-Hungary, interwar and communist era. Communist rule nacionalized every single company in Šumperk and united them into few concerns with low productivity. Communist administration also supported developing of metalworking industry in the town. After the Velvet Revolution during the 1990s the textile industry was not able to deal with cheap Asian competition and textile concern bankrupted leaving large brownfield. Metalworking industry has survived economic transformation quite successfully.

As a result Šumperk has significant industry sector. Pramet company makes industrial tools with world wide distribution. Epcos factory produces ferits for automotivepurposes. Urdiamant processes synthetics diamonds into tools. Pars Nova revitalizes old trains and trams, the best known product is RegioNova train.