The City of Tábor lies on the northern edge of South Bohemia, on the boundary of the Třeboň Basin and the Vlašim Highlands. Tábor is surrounded with a romantic countryside along the river Lužnice which is very popular with canoeist. Due to a large number of historical sights and natural beauties the town ranks among the most sought after spots in the Czech Republic.

The history of the town is integrally connected with a significant chapter of European history – the Hussite Movement. In 1420 Hussites, led by Jan Žižka, established a fortified military camp in this place and set off for their campaigns from there. Tábor has undergone a number of changes during centuries, but traces of its medieval history are to be found all over the historical centre.

For a trip to the Middle Ages, visit the international Tábor Meetings festival which is held annually in mid-September. Visitors can enjoy a rich programme featuring various genres of music, street theatre, children’s paradise, costume parades, jousting and impressive fireworks.