Tachov is a town in the Pilsen Region of the Czech Republic. Tachov is a city situated in the west part of the Czech Republic very close to the German border, and it lies in the middle of protected landscape area known as the Czech Forest. There is a one river flowing through the town and the whole region of Tachov, the river Mže.

The first written document mentioning Tachov comes from 1115. King Ottokar II of Bohemia (1233–1278) built a new castle with a massive round stone tower there. He also founded a walled town near the castle.

During the 14th century, the city walls were built up around the town. They gradually became a pride of Tachov, especially because of its condition that they are in. In the walls there were three entrances to the town. Thanks to the reconstruction, the walls are very well kept, so even today we can see almost all of the original twenty-four towers, which played an important role during wars and enemy attacks.