Třebíč, the town of UNESCO monuments is situated in West Moravia, on the southeast tip of the Vysočina region. Třebíč lies on both banks of the river Jihlava. The beginnings of the town are connected with a remarkable Benedictine monastery which was founded by Moravian princes in 1101.The milestone for Třebíč was the year 1468 when the town was almost destroyed during the war between Matthias Corvinus and George of Poděbrady.

An important cultural and historical event for the town was the year 2003 when the St. Procopius´ basilica and the Jewish Quarter with Jewish cemetery were incorporated into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Thesemonuments are the proof, that Jewish and Christian communities could live side by side, which was one of the reasons for entry into the prestigious list. These sights became already the 12th UNESCO monument in the Czech Republic and Třebíč is the third UNESCO site of the Vysočina region.

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