Trutnov is a city in the Hradec Králové Region. It has a population of 31,239 and lies in the Krkonoše in the valley of the Úpa River. According to one version the town was founded by lord from Trautenberg , according to another story it was knight Trut when he had fought victorious battle with the dragon residing here. In commemoration of mythical events in the city every year in May held to celebrate the Dragon, which is organized by Trutnov – the town of dragon.

In Trutnov is annually held rock music festival Trutnov Open Air Music Festival, festival of chamber music Trutnov autumn and Jazzinec. Among other annual cultural and sporting events include beer fest, wine festivals Trutnov, Trutnov Dragon Feast Day, Battle of Trutnov, circus festival Cirk-UFF, Rallye Giant and others. In 2010, the city finally built a theater or multi-purpose community center Uffo.

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