Uherský Brod

Uherský Brod is a town in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic. It is situated in the south-east of Moravia. It lies in the Vizovice Highlands (Vizovická vrchovina) and near the White Carpathian Mountains (Bílé Karpaty).

An important milestone in the history of Uherský Brod is October 29, 1272, when the Czech king Ottokar II promoted Brod to the royal city and granted him the right to Głubczyce (set of rules and regulations) and the right forced warehouse. Gradually, the king granted the city additional privileges. As border, the fortress town, Brod had to face raids Hungarians. Also experienced hard times during the Hussite Wars, when it became essentially passageway of Hussite troops and their important base.

Uherský Brod is a possible birthplace of Jan Amos Komenský (Latinised: Comenius). However, most likely it is just a place where he spent a part of his life.There is a large and impressive museum and a secondary grammar school that bear his name.The personality of Comenius was the grounds for the twinning of Uherský Brod and Naarden, the Netherlands, where Comenius is buried.