Velké Meziříčí

Velké Meziříčí is a town in the Vysočina Region, Czech Republic. It is situated under the original Gothiccastle in a valley framed by the hills of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It is situated on the confluence of the Oslava and Balinka rivers near the Highway D1 with the Vysočina Bridge.

The first written records of the town come from the 12th century. The settlement obtained full town privileges in 1408 – the celebrations of the 600th anniversary of this event took place in 2008, including the publishing of a representative book; the rights were approved by the king of Bohemia Václav IV. in 1417. The historical centre was designated as conserved zone of sights where the castle (formerly a stronghold from the 12th century, which is very well preserved, and hosts, among other, The Museum of Roads and Highways), the Gothic St. Nicolas Church, an originally Gothic City Hall, the Renaissance Lutheran Grammar School, two Jewish Synagogues and partly preserved city walls with a gate are the most significant buildings.

Also, as mentioned there is a highway Vysočina bridge which is one of the interesting things you can see here. The highway bridge is unique in its size, height above terrain and the transposition. The supporting structure consists of two steel beams with a total weight of 6000 tons. The pillars are made of concrete. The height of the bridge deck is 77 meters, the length of bridge is 425 m. They are actually two bridges side by side – one for each direction. It was built in the years 1972- 78th