Veselí nad Moravou

Veselí nad Moravou is a town in the South Moravian Region of theCzech Republic.  It is situated in the fruitful lowlands of Moravian Slovakia and surrounded by the White Carpathians in the southeast, by fields and bottomland forests in the west and by a near silhouette of the Chriby Mountains in the north.

The oldest traces of a settlement in Veselí nad Moravou are from the Neolithic Era – New Stone Age (approx. 5700 – 4900 BC). The first written report about a castle called Veselí dates back to 1261. It was Sudomír from the House of Tvrdišovec, a secretary of the Břeclav Region, who had the castle built at a trading path along the Morava River and took part in colonization of this nearly desert region on the left bank of the Morava River. The first written report about the town of Veselí on a small river island in front of the castle comes from 1397. Thanks to its strategic position, the town could survive disturbed times, whereby the periods of development and economic prosperity were followed by the periods of poverty, starvation and hardships of war.

The town is an important traffic and railway junction with good connection to Slovakia, whose borderline is not far from here. It is also a great starting point for trips to its broad environs: to nature beauties and sights, wine-shops and historical wine cellars, still living traditions and folklore. The cyclists can enjoy a quite dense network of cycle paths and bike trails, while the hikers and the water and church tourists can find a lot of interesting places here.