Vsetín is located at the foot of the Vsetínské, Hostýnské and Vizovické hills along the Bečva river. The dominant feature of the town is its early 17th – century Renaissance chateau with its observation tower and neighbouring English-style park containing a number of precious woodland plants. Nowadays the chateau is the residence for the Museum of the Vallachian Region.

Also the folk culture has been kept alive by Wallachian song and dance groups for many decades. Originally a small town, Vsetín has become an important centre of industrial, economic, cultural and sports life during the last century.

Since 1989 the appearance of Vsetín has evolved rapidly. Run-down buildings in the town centre were cleared to make way for the new House of Culture and the many grey ‚Panelak‘ blocks of flats have been insulated and painted in a variety of pastel colours. In the villages around the town, modern family houses are beginning to appear, reflecting the growth of the middle class.