Žatec is a historic town in Louny District, Ústí nad Labem Region, in the Czech Republic. Žatec lies on the right bank of the Ohře River, which is spanned here by a suspension bridge, 64 m (210 ft) long, which is the oldest of its kind in Bohemia, having been constructed in 1826. It possesses several ancient churches, of which one is said to date from 1206, and a town hall built in 1559. Žatec is also one of the oldest cities in Central Europe. The first written reference comes from the year 1004.

The historic city center, which was declared in 1961 a conservation area, offers a number of significant buildings and diversity of styles from Romanesque to Art Nouveau. The conservation area is located around 550 buildings of different styles and this area is among the largest in the country.

Žatec is famous for an over-700-year-long tradition of growing Saaz noble hops used by several breweries. Žatec produces its own beer and hosts ‚Dočesná‘, its (hops related) harvest festival every year on the town square.